Nominators must respond to all of the judging criteria for their nominated NT NRM Award category, with a maximum of 200 words allowed for each judging criteria point.

All nomination entries MUST include:

  • All details requested for both the nominee and the nominator.
  • A brief summary of your nomination. This summary should be a short overview, touching on the main highlights of your nomination. This summary will be used for promotional purposes, including case studies, NT NRM Awards and TNRM Conference programs, media articles or social media.
  • Information that demonstrates how the nominee meets ALL of the judging criteria in the nominated NT NRM Award category.
  • Contact details for two independent referees that can verify the ability of the nominee to meet the judging criteria of the relevant NT NRM Award category (referees may be contacted by the judging panel).
  • At least two good quality photographs to illustrate your nomination. These should be uploaded and adhere to the following guidelines:
    • Photographs must be digital, high resolution files in JPEG or TIFF format and a minimum of 1MB in size. (To be safe, set your camera on the highest possible resolution setting).
    • Take photographs in landscape orientation (sideways, not up and down) and don't leave the date stamp on your camera.
    • Photographs with people are preferable. The NT NRM Awards are about recognising the dedication and commitment of the people involved - we want to see you!
    • Photographs may be used by the organisers at any time in promotional activities relating to the NT NRM Awards, and all permissions relating to their use must be confirmed by the nominee prior to submission.

Supporting Documentation

You are urged to include supporting documentation to demonstrate how the NT NRM Award category judging criteria have been met. Any supporting documentation that is included must be uploaded using the online portal, and can only be in .doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt ot PDF format for documents, and JPEG or TIFF format for images.

Video uploads will be a maximum of 15Mb. Video files over 15Mb may be uploaded to YouTube with the link provided in the online portal.

You must notify TNRM if you are unable to upload your supporting documentation into the online portal. All efforts to include your supporting documentation in the online portal must be attempted before contacting TNRM. If TNRM advise it is acceptable, you will be required to send your supporting documentation on a USB to TNRM. All supporting documentation for nomination entries must be received by the nomination closing date, or confirmed as sent prior to the nomination closing date.

Please note nomination entries that do not include each of the items listed above may not be accepted.