1. Acceptance of a nomination entry into the NT NRM Awards is at the sole discretion of Territory Natural Resource Management (TNRM). TNRM may reject any nomination entry without providing a reason.
  2. Nomination entries must be submitted via the online portal. If you are having any technical difficulties with the online portal, please contact eAwards Technical Support at info@eawards.com.au. If you are unable to access the portal and need to submit your nomination entry another way, please contact TNRM on 8942 8300.
  3. All nomination entries must include images of the project as high-resolution JPG or TIFF files.
  4. TNRM accepts no responsibility for nomination entries, or supporting documentation for nomination entries not received by the nomination closing date.
  5. TNRM does not accept any responsibility for errors or omissions within nomination entries reproduced in the presentation or the supporting documentation, or for work lost, or damaged under any circumstance.
  6. A nominee can only be a finalist once in each category.
  7. A finalist can be a winner in only one category.
  8. Joint nomination entries that represent the work of several individuals, groups, organisations or authorities are accepted where all parties provide approval, if required. This will remain the sole responsibility of the nominee. TNRM bear no responsibility for obtaining approval regarding the origin of any nomination entries. Only one joint prize and trophy will be awarded if the nomination wins an NT NRM Award in their nominated category.
  9. Additional award trophies that are the same as the originally awarded trophy can be purchased from TNRM at a rate of the cost of the item/s (inc. GST), plus a 10% administration fee.
  10. Current TNRM employees, TNRM Board Directors and their immediate family members are not eligible to enter a nomination. Former TNRM employees and TNRM Board Directors may enter, but may not submit nomination entries based on their work at TNRM.
  11. Judging Panel
    • An independent Judging Panel, with representatives from NRM in the NT, will judge the nomination entries.
    • TNRM Board Directors and TNRM staff are excluded from judging the nomination entries.
    • Judges are selected based on their knowledge and expertise on NRM and will sign a confidentiality agreement before being eligible to participate in the judging process.
    • If a judge has an association with a nominated individual, group, organisation, authority, business or enterprise, TNRM may deem that judge unsuitable to judge the nomination entry, or may implement a conflict of interest process.
  12. Decisions of the Judging Panel will be based on the following:
    • The completion of the nomination entry form with ALL judging criteria for the category addressed.
    • Information provided in response to questions within the nomination entry form.
    • Interviews if deemed appropriate by the judges.
    • Reference checks if deemed appropriate by the judges.
  13. The submission of all relevant information to the judges is the responsibility of the nominee or nominator, however judges may seek further information or clarification if necessary.
  14. The judges reserve the right not to award finalists or winners in a particular category, or to move nomination entries between categories.
  15. The decision of the Judging Panel will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  16. Except for the category finalists and winners, which will be retained by TNRM, all other nomination entries accepted into the competition may be destroyed.
  17. The NT NRM Awards are dependent upon the nominee permitting TNRM or their agents to publish sufficient information about the nomination entry so that the general public can understand it. This information may be used for promotional purposes for the NT NRM Awards.
  18. The nominee grants TNRM permission to show the nomination entries at the NT NRM Awards Gala Dinner and at such other places and times as deemed appropriate in the sole discretion of TNRM.
  19. TNRM reserve the right to use the information from the nomination entries at any time. Including photographs, in any marketing or public relations promotion for the sole purpose of promoting NRM in the NT. All rights are reserved.