QLS Awards Nomination Guidelines

1. Award categories and criteria

Award criteria and eligibility

Each award has its own award and edibility criteria. Please see the individual award for its specific set of criteria.

Award winners
Award winners from each category will receive:
  • Promotional coverage in QLS publications, sent to all QLS members and interstate Society counterparts, may feature award winners.
  • QLS award winner e-signature banner
  • Trophy and certificate, which can be publically displayed at their premises.

2. Nomination process

  • Self-nominations will not be accepted for any of the awards.
  • Nominees must be aware they are being nominated and their QLS membership number provided.
  • One nomination is accepted per nominee for each award. In the event of multiple nominations, it will be the first completed entry that will go through to judging.
  • Nominations are required to be completed online via the awards platform. The platform can be accessed via the webpage qls.com.au/awards.
  • Each nomination must be accompanied by:
    • A high resolution headshot
    • A short biography approximately one paragraph
    • Nominees Curriculum Vitae (CV)
    • One letter from a referee (excluding First Nation's Solicitor and First Nation's Student of the Year where two referees are required including one referee from the community).

3. Judging

  • Judging is conducted by a panel of esteemed professionals form the legal profession, each award has a different panel. Refer to the individual award to know who the judges are and when judging takes place.
  • Judges have a duty to notify QLS Awards where there is a personal, work or financial conflict with any nominee they’re judging. These conflicts will not be made available to any nominee or nominator.
  • Judges are unable to see other judges scoring or comments during the judging process.
  • Judges' comments and nominee scores will not be made available to the nominee or nominator.

4. Notification of finalists and winner

Awards will not have shortlisted finalists, only a winner. The winner of the award will be notified via email or phone, as will their nominator, once judging has been completed. Award category winners will be publicly announced where stated in the specific award descriptions at various QLS events throughout the year. The winner will be notified and informed of their winning status prior to the event. Accordingly, if a candidate is unable to attend the event, it is suggested that the candidate authorises a person to collect the award on their behalf. The candidate will need to notify QLS via awards@qls.com.au if they are unable to attend the event in person and who their authorised person is at least three business days prior to the event.

5. Privacy

All award winners may be featured in QLS marketing channels including publications and on social media.. Therefore, the nominator must confirm that the nominee is aware of their nomination and wishes to participate in the award. Nominees will be notified by QLS that a nomination has been received. Nominees are required to provide consent to having their name, position, organisation, elements from the criteria responses, provided bio and/or image published in QLS media releases, social media and other publications and in the event collateral where the winner is announced. Nominees will be contacted for their consent via email upon submission of their nomination.

Nominator's name, email, phone and organisation details will be collected for the purposes of the award nomination, judging and finalisation process.

If a nominee does not wish to participate in the award at any point during the nomination, judging or finalisation process, they must email awards@qls.com.au and the nomination will be removed from the award process and the nominee's information will be not be considered any further and his/her personal information will not be used. If a nominee refuses to provide consent to inquiries being made about them during the judging process, the selection panel reserves the right to disqualify the candidate. The Society will use the personal information (name, position, organisation, and photo) collected in the nomination form, referee letters and/or supporting documentation for the following purposes:

  1. conducting the awards, whose purpose is consistent with the Society's objects contained in Rules 5(e) and (g) of the Legal Profession (Society) Rules 2007 (a copy of those Rules can be found at qls.com.au/knowledge_centre/legislation_rules); and
  2. the selection panel referred to above will view, discuss, deliberate, judge, evaluate and review the merits of the application in order to award a winner (or not award a winner – see below); and
  3. to contact and discuss, where the selection panel deems appropriate, the referees relied upon in the nomination who have attested to the achievements listed in the nomination; and
  4. interview or seek further information from the nominee as the selection panel sees fit; and
  5. to enable the Society's Professional Standards department to make all due enquiries in relation to any findings of misconduct or unsatisfactory conduct concerning the nominee, and to ensure the nominee has not engaged in conduct which would bring the award or Society into disrepute; and
  6. if the nominee is shortlisted, disclosing the nominee's name, position, organisation, elements from the criteria responses, provided bio and/or image published in QLS media releases, social media and other publications and at the event and in the event collateral where the winner is announced and the winner's nomination information at the awards ceremony and other correspondence when announcing the win.

If you do not wish your details to be used for any one or more of the above purposes, you should advise the Society by contacting awards@qls.com.au to confirm the withdrawal of your nomination upon receiving your nomination confirmation email. In accordance with the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001, the Society may provide notices to you by electronic communication. By undertaking this process, the nominee's consent to this mode of contact is taken to be given.

The personal information provided may be transferred and stored overseas to administer the Society's communications to the nominee. By entering a nomination form, the nominee consents to this transfer and Australian Privacy Principle 8.1 will not apply to this disclosure. The Society's Privacy Policy and Privacy Codes of Practice containing details about the collection of personal information may be viewed at qls.com.au and the Privacy Officer may be contacted at privacy@qls.com.au .

6. Cancellation

The selection panel reserves the right not to honour an award if, in its absolute discretion, if it is of the view that none of the nominees have satisfied the eligibility criteria. The Society may also cancel, suspend or modify these Nomination Guidelines or the available awards for any reason including computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorised intervention, fraud, technical failure or any other cause beyond the Society's control which may affect the administration, security, fairness, integrity or proper conduct of the available awards. The Society may also cancel, suspend or modify the awards if the determination of the winner or presentation of the award is prevented or hindered by any outside agent or event, including but not limited to vandalism, power failure, tempest, natural disaster, acts of God, civil unrest or strikes or other industrial action.