About the 2022 Engagement Australia Excellence Awards

Submit your applications for the 2022 Engagement Australia Excellence Awards for collaboration between higher education and businesses.

In 2022, Engagement Australia is pleased to continue the Engagement Australia Excellence Awards. These awards identify and celebrate the most exciting and impactful engagement activities undertaken by Australian and New Zealand Universities.

Submission Process

All applications for the 2022 Engagement Australia Awards must be made online via the eAwards portal. To be eligible your submission must include a full Application comprised of the following sections:

  1. Citation - 100 words
  2. Overview - 500 words
  3. Significance -300 words
  4. Outcomes and impact - 600 words
  5. Detail of partnerships, level of engagement and sustainability - 600 words
  6. Supporting evidence - links to websites etc - 1 page maximum
  7. Letter of recommendation from Institution - 1 page maximum
  8. Letter of recommendation from partner (industry, community, government etc) - 1 page maximum

By submitting your application, you are giving Engagement Australia permission to use media files and text provided in this Application for Engagement Australia Awards winner and promotional purposes. If your initiative contains classified or yet-to-be released content, please tick the box below and provide information about the embargo. We will respect all confidentiality requirements.

Awards Categories

 Award for Excellence in Community Engagement

Recognising outstanding collaborations between tertiary education and communities for societal benefit. Emphasis is placed on partnerships that engage rural, regional, urban, disadvantaged or marginalised groups within Australia and New Zealand

 Award for Excellence in Indigenous Engagement

Recognising outstanding collaborations between tertiary education and Indigenous communities in Australia, New Zealand and beyond, that directly reduce disadvantage, and empower and give voice to First Nations peoples.

 Award for Excellence in International Engagement

Recognising outstanding international collaborations that raise the profile of tertiary education and make a substantial difference to the community both overseas and in Australia and New Zealand.

 Award for Outstanding Engagement for Research Impact

Recognising excellence in research that makes a substantial difference to the community, or Australian or New Zealand prosperity, undertaken jointly by researchers in tertiary education institutes and partners in community, business or industry contexts

 Award for Outstanding Engagement for Student Learning

Recognising partnerships and engagement practices that enhance the quality of learning and teaching in tertiary education and outcomes for students

 Award for Excellence in Student and Alumni Engagement

Recognising outstanding programs that improve student and alumni engagement and enhance the quality and impact of higher education.

 Award for Outstanding Leadership in Engagement

Recognising an individual who has made notable contributions to engagement above and beyond that expected for their role, resulting in sustained partnerships for longer term impact.