Tom Orgill St Brendan's College (Yeppoon)
Uncontrollable Mixed media
3 x Wooden boards, polyurethane pouring resin, ochre, sand, natural sponge, polymer clay and pigments made into aerial view landscapes.


The local coastal environment and lifestyle has been a powerful influence in developing my identity. The Keppel Islands are particularly special to me – a part of my life since I was 6 months old. The ocean is the defining feature of the area, with its force affecting land, people and the environment. Its natural flow has the power to change the landscape and pouring the resin has allowed the animate concept of movement to be captured in my work. Flow presents an uncontrolled factor. The ocean is also home to a range of animals and forms, and encasing collected objects in resin shows the ocean’s ability to hold and nurture many elements. I have layered ochres, sand, sponge, coloured polymer and clay within the work in order to develop an understanding of how I feel connected to the region and its many special features.


My project began with three wooden boards on which I sketched my landform positions. These had to be rescaled to fit each island. From this point, I began my initial resin pours, each coloured differently. I first filled in each land section, painting each region with resin. As the areas began to build up I included rocks and sand in different layers. The water sections were done next – they were contained by the built-up resin. These sections were the largest pours of the project. Finally, I used clear resin to hold ceramic island pieces above the water sections.


Tom Orgill