Lacey Coffison Marist College (Emerald)
The Lamplighter Video
Ephemeral Art on Video, 1 Minute 3 Seconds


“The lamplighter” is an art piece created to express the loss of childhood and end of childhood dreams. The robot symbolises my childhood dream of becoming a robotic-engineer. The fire represents saying a permanent goodbye to innocence and childhood hopes. also to new beginnings and dreams. The poem I read was from my childhood book and was about a child's dream of becoming a lamplighter. The poem contradicts the burning because the poem is how the child believed things would be and the burnt robot is the reality. By being an ephemeral artwork the piece is as impermanent as childhood.


Wire was bent into cubes, one larger in size. The cubes then duct taped together.Cardboard was then taped to the cubes. The cardboard on the top cube was carved to appear like a face. The bottom cardboard square had a button glued to it. A bag of petrol was then inserted into the robot and a camera was set up to record. The poem “The Lamplighter” by robert louis stevenson was read as petrol was poured on the robot and in a line out of way from the camera. The petrol was then lit and burnt.


Lacey Coffison

Lacey Coffison