Shelby Brown Marist College (Emerald)
Expiration Date: Painting
Moulding Paste and Oil on Canvas


Within “Expiration Date:”, I have incorporated the idea of the struggles of today's youths' emotional state, and our dying Earth. The contemporary context, represented as our dying environment caused by the effects of mankind and modern technology, is represented in the flow of the mountain, stream and moon, positioned to the abstract female form, our Mother Earth. Within modern witchcraft, the colours purple and green are used to represent healing, self preservation and searching, but the angle and texture of the work distorts the meanings of the colours to the trauma and effect of today's society on our mental health.


The idea for “Expiration Date:” was developed after planning, brainstorming and experimenting with themes of cultural and contemporary artworks. I developed an emotional connection to the flow of oil paint on the fabric canvas, rather than wood or other mediums, and the expressionist style, after working with it on experimental works. The connection to the themes of “Expiration Date:” and the mediums used also developed from my repeated inclusion of the land and ‘Mother Earth’ in abstract forms in previous artworks.


Shelby Brown

Shelby Brown is a year 11 student at Marist College Emerald. She lives in the rural town of Clermont. Her artistic influence comes from her grandmother who is a painter. She is passionate about social justice and is looking to pursue some form of career in the arts in future.