Hayley Sullivan Marist College (Emerald)
Your Own Way Painting
Spray paint, acrylic paint on 2 Canvases


Through this unit, the concept 'Art as a code' explored cultural and formal contexts that provided opportunities to discover how different artists from different cultures, times, and places used visual language to communicate meaning. Art has the possibilities of changing one's thoughts, opening new ideas, and borrowing ideas familiar to our educational system. I wanted to express how one new idea can change a personal perception. The symbolism embedded in my artwork displayed movement of change with no guidance, as represented in a bird's unpredictable movements. Throughout the change, many obstacles are confronting; this is represented by drastic colours presented.


First, I started out with planning, for this project I wanted to try something new and that was to experiment with working with a big canvas and also have other canvases that connect with the artwork. I first started out with a sketch on the background then I went in with acrylic paint. I painted the background and once I was satisfied I then worked with spray-paint. I feel as if the spray paint was the right choice as I thoroughly enjoy working with the medium. A few of my pass artworks also evolved spray paint as well. It gave the overall feel of the paining to be very open and spread out, as well as adding bold colours that would catch the audiences eye.


Hayley Sullivan

My name is Hayley Sullivan, I was born in rural Springsure QLD and I’ve lived here in Emerald for most my life. I’m very connected with my family and I currently am a Year 11 student attending Marist college Emerald, I’m currently running for house captain at Marist as well! I don’t have any plans after school, but I may stay on the farm I live on to help work with my parents with their self-run turf business. I have many pets including the classic dogs and cats but also own a sheep! I really enjoy art as it provides an escape for me and I get to express my own view on how the world around us effects everything we say, act, or think.