Manya Chauhan The Rockhampton Grammar School (Agnes St, Rockhampton)
The Harmonious Dissonance of Psychedelia Painting
Digital reproduction of oil painting on canvas


Colours and shapes are magical. Are you enthralled by the surreal visuals? This glorious formation of shapes exists to enlighten; perfect balance between order and chaos serves as a catalyst for existential and personal introspection through spiritual means. This outburst of colour is a personal therapy for feelings of fear, inadequacy and aimlessness of an adolescent approaching adulthood, yearning for control in an uncertain world. Highly therapeutic in process; the formal elements are psychedelic and fantastical. A reminder that reality is simply a conglomeration of shapes. In life, chaos is inevitable, so, despite this uncertainty, lead life with complete commitment because we're just energy.


The art movements of cubism and psychedelia have shaped the formal elements of the artwork. Research about the psychology of colours and shapes has allowed for skilful and purposeful audience interaction. Shapes and patterns can be a tool to engage with a rudimentary desire of people to be drawn to vibrancy and chaos.


Manya Chauhan

Manya Chauhan uses her art to explore themes of existentialism, identity, quantam physics and consciousness. Her art serves as a personally therapeutic experimentation with formal materials to make a commentary about the essence of life. Her favourite artists are Basquiat, Hiromi Tango and Yayoi Kusama.