Max Cadzow-Smith Trinity College (Gladstone)
Happy Rock Video
Digital media, Duration: 06:26, Colour, Sound


Through the juxtaposition of conventionally ‘beautiful’ cinematography and sound design with and ugly, technically inept cinematography (high noise, insufficient lighting) and Lynchian sound design (low, oppressive, and droning soundscapes) my experimental film represents the effect Gladstone’s industries have had on personal relationships, mental health, and the local environment through the lens of my personal experiences. Contrasting images of beautiful, natural areas, with imposing industrial imagery shows how one taints the other in my mind. Furthermore, light is heavily manipulated to create vivid experimental imagery, representative of Gladstone’s light pollution and how surface-level beauty hides ugliness.


Happy Rock was shot over the course of a few weeks in various Gladstone locations, with the help of my friends. Heavy experimentation with post-production was utilised- including green-screen work and key-framing the hue value to create an ever-changing colour-scheme in certain shots. The clay dinosaur-like creature was stop-motion animated by hand, and then superimposed onto the footage of me standing in front of the stacks. The fire-breath was created through a combination of superimposing footage of an aerosol can firing through a lighter and footage of the flame seen shooting out of the Gladstone power station at night.


Max Cadzow-Smith

My name is Max and I've enjoyed filmmaking for years- its a hobby I intend to pursue.