Trent May Yeppoon State High School
Fear is unaddressed hurt: Good Government creates power over Fear Installation
Interactive installation


I conducted a survey on where The Australian Government has been remiss. Pollution on North Keppel Island dismayed and inspired me. I wanted to addressed the lack of action by Government to people’s state of mind. The figure “The Government” is flanked by emotions that people in power don’t consider, this is shown through the bold crossing out of the words. Scales symbol imbalance. Repeated stamped, human figures below the main figure symbolise society’s oppressed values. The desks and blackboards are an invitation for audiences to answer the questions written on the boards and give rise to society’s hurts.


Our class, through discussion, created a Collaboration based on fears. Initially, I was working on the inaction of Government to the immediate crisis of Climate Change, - those fears seemed too general. So, I conducted a survey of 45 year 12s determining their individual fears of how Australia was governed. The Collaboration lent itself to an installation/interactive work to further engage people and it was an easily recognisable format to use a classroom setting with chalkboards. I refined my work -simplifying symbols, images and words. I ran a practise run before the exhibition, questioning my audience and polishing audience access.


Trent May

I like reading sappy books and crying. I express myself in my artwork; both musically and visually. Ultimately I would like to be an music teacher.