Whitney Melvin-Smith Yeppoon State High School
The Line Sculpture
Sculpture of torso with a frame


This is Line. This is line from nature imprinted on the fabric of our being. Nature has taught me the beauty of Line. Line created by nature was something that connected me to the element of being. It takes time and a frame to make that connection. Through this piece I explored the creation and understanding of natural line. By looking at line through the female body we are invited to see line as something beautiful -and maybe, even more inclined to protect the environment that created it. The form is a female silhouette imprinted with nature.


I washed calico fabric to get the starch out and I experimented with it running rivulets of colours, creating geographic line. In the process I accidently splashed watercolour on starched new calico and got a startling effect. I also began transferring the landscape to the human form -as line continued from nature to human form. I built a human female torso out of chicken wire, wrapped the resistant new calico on it and let line in watercolour take its own beauty as it dripped down. I pulled a frame apart added gold leaf and hung it with fishing line.


Whitney Melvin-Smith

My name is Whitney and I am in my final year at Yeppoon High. Art is what inspires deeper understanding of our world and our place in it. My goal is to become a fashion designer incorporating nature into my work.