Sunny Toft Yeppoon State High School
A Permanent State Of Being Sculpture
Sculpture of foam with clay face


If every person we met, every decision we made, every day we lived, left a mark on our body -how would we look? We change every day. Whether those changes are slight, like altering your coffee order, or large, like being diagnosed with a cancer -they become a part of you. We are constantly adapting to the situation’s life throws at us. We bubble, melt and shift like the body of this sculpture, always evolving always growing. The face of this statue represents how we all share in this experience. Our permanent state of being is a state of impermanence.


I was looking for a material that looked and felt like it was growing and changing. I saw this expandable foam that my dad was using to fix a leak and knew that was the material. I bought 4 cans from Bunnings. I built it up around foam. It had to be turned over in a bucket for weeks to dry and guarded -as students wanted to touch it. I carefully moulded a polished clay face. In the firing the lips split off. PVA was used for mending and attaching. I turned to Expressionistic colours for mood.


Sunny Toft

Sunny Toft is a Yeppoon High student.