Izabella Richardson Yeppoon State High School
Political Detox Painting
Interactive installation


My installation is a listening and sharing portal -a call for change through each other. The canvas displays a woman looking through a wormhole -from past to future -with four icons representing peace and rights for a diverse society: they act as a catalyst to provoke change. The pin board is utilized as a frame, allowing audiences to voice where they want to see change; they are invited to write on prepared notes changes they would like to see in society. My artwork asks you to have an opinion, promoting a rapidly growing self-aware society.


I collaborated with fellow classmates to work out our theme “fears” -mine being “disempowerment” and audience engagement. Barbara Kruger’s billboards influenced my style. I used her large scale and political colours -red and black. I was working on the theme from past to future and drew up the worm hole & woman in a cartoon-like 50s style and adopted large brush strokes to make the image fresh. I wanted to add important societal symbols to connect to the audience and found four. I carefully worded notes, replicating the Kruger colours, and inviting participation.


Izabella Richardson

Bella is in year 12 at Yeppoon High. She would like to continue creating art, using it as a vehicle for justice and peace in the world.