Kourtney Draper The Rockhampton Grammar School (Agnes St, Rockhampton)
Underneath Installation
Video projection onto multiple mixed media canvas. Media: acrylic, ink, encaustic, fibres. Work can be presented without video projection.


Underneath visually depicts the detrimental impacts of flood. Revealing the hidden layers below flood water through the contemporary manipulation of textures and materials. People on the land persevere through natural disasters including floods and drought. Enduring hardships of a property that for months and years desperately needs water only to receive a surplus destroying everything in its path. Although water is vital for survival, floods are the most expensive natural disaster; the average annual cost being $377 million. With the increasing effects of climate change, and rising frequency of natural disasters it’s obvious that we will all eventually be affected.


Acrylic mediums + paint applied to canvas, pva glue, fibres, sand embedded. Inks and encaustic wax applied to canvas and burnt in places using blow torch. Video display projected onto canvas.


Kourtney Draper

I come from a small country town of 300 people called Duaringa which is located an hour and a half west of Rockhampton in Central Queensland. My family owns a cattle property outside of town and I grew up knowing the beauty and importance of the land; our livelihood. The inspiration for my artworks comes from the environment around me and the personal experiences I gain from being immersed in nature.