Claudia Smith Mackay North State High School
Pressed for Time Installation
9 stacks of laser etched acrylic, each held together with bolts


Pressed for time explores the effects of the expansion of industry on surrounding flora. The fragility of the flowers helps to portray how delicate our ecosystem can be. With our fast-expanding industrialization of the environment our flora is in return being left behind. The flowers in my piece have been held in place as if they are frozen in time, frozen in the years before the pressing effects of industry. They have become fossils within a man-made trap. If our actions are not changed or reconsidered, how will we view species, specifically flora, in the future?


Inspired by historic botanical illustration, flowers from the Grandparents garden were pressed and encased or trapped between layers of acrylic. The acrylic sheeting was laser cut. To symbolise the effects of industry on flora, drawings of industrial skylines and text like ‘pollution’ and ‘decay’ were laser etched into different layers of the acrylic stacks. Layers were secured with nuts and bolts.


Claudia Smith