Madeline Veronese Holy Spirit College (Mount Pleasant)
‘Identities’ Film/electronic imaging
Digital Imaging Triptych


We are the world we see. These black and white photographs are digitally manipulated to draw attention to what is present, conjuring things that are absent. When different individuals view this artwork, it is always seen differently. What we experience is our personal reconstruction of the world and its people. These portraits communicate the self-referential view that the world and its people create, representing themes of vulnerability; the innocence of a girl thriving in youth, on the verge of reaching adulthood. My artwork’s dark contrast between positive and negative light exemplifies the fading of youth and realising identities beyond adolescence.


Inquiry question: How do artists use media, technology and artistic processes to challenge how we perceive the world and its people? The process of creating these digital pieces includes experimentation with camera angles, models and body positioning. Once photographs are captured, I go through the process of digital manipulation of the features of the image, however, leaving the physical and natural traits of the model alone.


Madeline Veronese

My name is Madeline Veronese and I’m currently studying Visual Art at Holy Spirit College. The focus of my body of work is to explore and challenge the development of new perspectives and alter the viewpoint of individuals when considering their world. Using new and creative forms of media, technology or a combination of artistic processes, I aim to develop a body of work that strays from formal processes. While investigating how artists are able to produce pieces that change the way we see the world and its inhabitants, I also aim to explore concepts of artistry and digitized works.