Lara Burnett Holy Spirit College (Mount Pleasant)
Adam’s Phone Film/electronic imaging
Digital Triptych


Adam’s Phone focuses on how technology has ruined communities, friends and even families because of its addictive nature. Influenced by Cildo Meireles, Jonathan Christensen Caballero, Andy Warhol and Hiromi Tango, Adam’s Phone is targeted towards everyone who uses technology, showcasing the negative cycle as seen by the infinity shape of the artwork. This cycle exists and is hard to break, but once aware, the negative effects of technology can be broken. The static hands help to represent the idea of the loss of connection within ourselves. Our actions have consequences and soon we may lose everything because of technology.


Lara’s artwork explores the Inquiry Question: How can art be used as an agent of change through communicating our human imprint on the natural world? Lara explores digital and other mediums in which to explore environmental and social issues.


Lara Burnett

My name is Lara Burnett, and I am a Holy Spirit College student studying Visual art as I pave my own way in the world today. My major influences come from the world around me, and I love to explore how art can be used as an agent of change within the world today through its endless possibilities of practices, techniques and materials. By focusing on how art can be used as an agent of change, I hope to spread the message of how our individual choices can have a negative impact on a global scale.