Brooklyn Ah-wong Holy Spirit College (Mount Pleasant)
Rebecca Painting
Acrylic on canvas Triptych with a larger central painting and two smaller ones.


My installation, ‘Rebecca,’ is based on the traumatic history of my South Sea Islander heritage and its foundations in Mackay. My great grandmother was the foundation of knowledge in regards to identity and family history. Inspired by contemporary artist Dylan Mooney, I decided to combine both modern symbolism and traditional symbols of Vanuatu to show my culture and uncover the past. Using traditional and contemporary South Sea Islander symbols, I wanted to create a celebration of South Sea Islander culture. While also expressing the history of a forgotten nationality. This installation was a means of rediscovering and bringing forward history.


Brooklyn’s artwork explores the Inquiry Question: How do artists use symbolism and visual metaphor to reveal and explore little known cultural history and identity? Brooklyn uses acrylic paint on canvas and strong symbolism to explore ideas behind her cultural ancestry and strong family connections. Her South Sea Islander and Indigenous heritage is expressed using symbolism and traditional cultural emblems to communicate a forgotten people.


Brooklyn Ah-wong

My name is Brooklyn Ah-wong, I am an Aboriginal and South Sea Islander woman. I have a big family, three sisters and loving parents who support my every decision. As a grade 12 student, graduating this year I have always dreamed of becoming a world-renowned artist. Art is the focus of my life, the centre around which I revolve. I have grown up in a household where music and art, was the foundation on which we stand. It helped me in becoming the person I am today, and the person I am still becoming.