Lilly Hardy Capricornia (Rockhampton Campus) School of Dist Ed
Labelled disabled by mind Painting
Full sized skateboard painted artwork using a mix of acrylic paints, sharpies for outlining and gel pens for depth.


Society is garbage, it’s so negative. Autism is seen as a threat to society and so therefore it is frowned upon. Our minds work differently, not slowly or stupidly, just in a different way. Because we are not the, ordinary, typical, everyday representatives of the human race, we are labeled disabled mentally, emotionally even expressively. But really this is not the case. Although our brains are wired another way from how society views as acceptable and normal, our hearts, creativeness, and capacity to love overflows. What some may associate as poor personal skills, I only see as strength, courage and the need for acceptance


Used a mix of processes, including hand sketching, brainstorming and digital manipulation to create my original idea. Once created transferred my design using the grid method. Using a mix of acrylics paints and pens created a resolved coloured skateboard deck artwork. Compositional to be viewed in either landscape and or portrait.


Lilly Hardy

Name: Lilly Nora Hardy Age: 17 BOB: 28/04/2004 I’m a bubbly addictive happy, I love to make people feel good and I love to be happy, I’m bisexual, I’m responsible and productive, I think I’m a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to trying new things. I’m creative and love my hobbies and my family and friends. I am also on the spectrum. my interests include art, customizing things, videogames, animals of all sorts, cosplay, tv shows, crafting, cooking, and spending time with loved ones.