Sabrina Luck Marist College (Emerald)
Wings on Water Mixed media - Painting and Sculpture
3D wire wing sticking out of the canvas with flowers glued on. Painted background with grey and a white wing blurred behind the wire one.


The symbolism used within this piece is extremely important to understand. As one side of the wings is painted and the other side is made from wire this is used to symbolise the memories of the past and the present time. The painted wing is the past and is shown through the blurred painting. The present is displayed through the wire wing covered in white flowers. The background is coloured with blue, black and white to mirror water rippling. The relationship that the viewer will have towards my artwork will be of empathy as they will be able to interpret the meaning that I have attempted to convey. The ability to remember the past and present memories will provoke the sense of nostalgia to the viewer of my artwork.


Through the experimentation I had attempted to find and explore different ways to present nostalgia. During my experimentation phase, I had used many different materials to find suitable pieces to display in my resolved artwork. I had two major influences that had helped inspire the finished work, Alexander Calder and Robin Wright.


Sabrina Luck

I am a senior student within Marist college attending my last year of high school. I plan to take a gap year after school to work and gain money and experience about the world outside of school. My hobbies include writing, painting and in general, creation. The ability to create something from nothing into something is something that inspires me to create my artworks.