Georgia Farlow Whitsunday Anglican School (Beaconsfield)
Divergent Evolution Photograph
A single digital inkjet print on watercolour paper (coloured pixelated tree against a monochrome photograph) with raised paper elements.


Change over time is a natural process for all organisms. The slow and natural evolution of plants will always mean that some species will disappear while others adapt and survive. However, humans are interfering with that process. Plants may struggle to adapt because changes in their environment are now occurring at a much faster rate. 'Divergent Evolution' suggests that plants may become divergent – being forced to develop in different directions than what nature intended. This is shown through new plant life being expressed as pixels, showing that the building blocks of their DNA may struggle to adapt to climate change.


A photograph taken in the rainforest was imported into an Archicad drafting program and converted to monochrome. A grid was placed over the photograph and used to create individual coloured pixel squares. Keeping the pixels at 70% opacity so that the central image of the tree could be seen through the colour, I built an artificial tree form which followed the trunk of the tree behind. The grid was then removed and the file printed onto watercolour paper. Sections of the pixels were cut from a second print and raised above the base print with foamcore.


Georgia Farlow

Georgia Farlow is a Year 12 student from Mackay. She has a keen interest in many areas of visual art and design including assemblage, print making and especially photography. This also extends into an interest in production design and Georgia hopes to use her creativity to pursue a career in film making. Her visual art is currently informed by science and an interest in environmental issues, communicating messages about the urgent need for change.