Hailey Rodger Whitsunday Anglican School (Beaconsfield)
Look Up Print
An etching print on Fabriano Rosapina paper with hand-painted ink


Whilst at Eungella National Park, I encountered this Red Cedar Tree; the largest of its kind in the area. Although breathtaking, I could not help but consider the logging that occurred in the past that threatened this species; highly sought after for furniture making. Through this piece, my intentions were to create something that clearly focuses on the way humans are negatively impacting the environment and raise awareness among the community to the damage that has occurred. The specific displacement and distribution of the leaves and branches represents impact as some branches and leaves are missing and negative space is created were they once were. Black and white dominate the composition; giving a sense of life through the delicate mark making but also death. Red ink subtlety applied further emphasises human impact. Overall, I hope that this etching inspires viewers to ‘look up’ in appreciation and in support of preservation.


The process of this artwork was done by printing out my chosen photograph and cutting the correct size of etching plastic. The etching process then began, creating different tones through a range of mark making techniques in specific places. There was also a distribution of the leaves and branches which meant that only one half focused on the branches and the other focused on the leaves. To be able to create the different textures on the branches cross hatching was done to show the effect of the bark. After I had finished etching and printed, I added red ink to show the effect of human impact on the tree.


Hailey Rodger

Hailey Rodger lives on a rural property and knows first-hand the impact of environmental change. Managing land effectively and preserving the environment are key understandings that have driven the artwork she has created. Attending school as a boarding student in Mackay has given her a broad perspective and understanding of people from different walks of life and this is evident in her piece 'Look Up' that explores the negative environmental impacts in the past and looks to a brighter mutual future.