Emily McVeigh Holy Spirit College (Mount Pleasant)
Touch on Imagination Sculpture
4 very different, posable creatures in separate environments designed for the audience to interact with.


Yes, you see it correctly, these creatures in front of you have made their home right here. 'Delta' the white dog, carries his essence of life; 'Will' may be slow due to its armour plating protection on its back. Keep an eye on anything red or 'Birb' will add it to its collection. ‘Bronze’ has eyes that follow you. These creatures can be handled, you are welcome to feel and pet any of the creatures, but 'Will' does like fingers. This artworks explores notions of sentience and identity in characterization and encourages audience interaction.


This work explores the Inquriy Question: How do artists use media and techniques to instil identity and sentience in alternative characterization? UV resin, clay and tactile mediums were explored and applied to the 3D forms to enable interaction with the viewer. Each of the works is able to be positioned or posed by the viewer and each have a focal point and consider landscapes that set them apart. E.g. 21st century things collected ('Birb'), black light and textures.


Emily McVeigh

Emily McVeigh loves to experiment with different textural surfaces and how they interact with with light, particularly black light. She explores notions of sentience and identity in alternative characterisations.