Reza Panday Whitsunday Anglican School (Beaconsfield)
dawn; incandescence Painting
Ink on watercolour paper of a sunset silhouetted against telephone poles


This painting shows a silhouetted landscape against a colourful backdrop of light. The time of early dawn is significant because of the balance it possesses between night and day. Within this time of transition, it can feel empowering to watch as the darkness begins to subside—a feeling of self-awareness characterised by a mind of tranquillity. In postmodern psychoanalytic theory, this idea of the Self against reality is integral, promoting perception as the only ‘true’ reality accessible. The opposition between monochrome and vivid demonstrates what lies beyond: a cacophony of conflicting affects perceived through its sparse harmonies.


Several ink layers were painted in reference to a photograph, building subtle transitions between colours in order to reflect a transition through time—the rising sun dispersing the dense blackness of the foreground. In this way, organic structures were built upon to produce vivid imagery through colour: the harmony and balance of colours is where the main focus lies. Lighter, more transparent colours were laid down first before darker, more intense tones were built above, creating depth in its layering.


Reza Panday

Reza Panday is a Mackay student who seeks to explore postmodern ideas in order to develop a deeper understanding of philosophy and ideology within art and literature. Using his knowledge of various theoretical frameworks for analysis, he establishes relationships between humanity and the environment, using concepts such as perception or identity to provide a personal perspective—connecting with audiences through exploration of the human condition.