Kyah Murfin Rockhampton State High School
This is what it's like Video
Video projection over an A4 drawing with layered sound.


I wanted my artwork to resemble a mild version of what happens within a mentally ill people. Especially in a dissociation episode. I wanted to reveal how it is for me, and the day to day issues that occur and to express it so then other people can experience it. I wanted my artwork to be an experience and to engage people in an irregular experience. I wanted it to be an experience where others can hear, see and feel how I do. The only difference between what I see and what they see will be an image of a strong woman and the types of ‘pictures’ that flash. Mine are not quite the same as I do not see myself as a strong woman and the images that I see are from childhood traumas which would be too graphic to express to such a young audience.


The audio that I have paired with the images and my drawing are a representation of the voices and ‘stuff’ going through my head on an ordinary day and I am going to overlap it with an audio of someone talking to me as well as the thoughts and voices going through my own head. I will also end the audio with the more negative thoughts that go through my head which will end the display.


Kyah Murfin