Mikayla Stevens Capricornia (Rockhampton Campus) School of Dist Ed
Wanderlust Wonderland Sculpture
Altered book sculpture from re-cycled paper and found objects


For my artwork, I wanted to create something that would form a sense of childhood wonder within the audience. Therefore, I centered my artwork around a little girl and the divided world around her as she moves from childhood to adulthood. To create the sense of a rift between the man-made and nature, I used different techniques of paper collage, with the man-made side having large uniform pieces of paper while the nature side has thin strips to reflect the varied textures of the setting.


For this artwork, I used mixed media of cardboard, paper, paint, lace, pearls, and a clock charm. I used a few different techniques when creating the artwork such as water painting, collaging, paper mache, sculpting, and borrowed methods from book folding. The conveyed theme of the altered book is the balance between man-made and nature, with either page of the book symbolising either side. Each side has elements of the conveyed setting, the left side having uniformed pieces like real cottages, while the right side has small pieces of paper which make it look more natural.


Mikayla Stevens

Mikayla Stevens has moved around a lot in her 16 years - moving across the country from Cairns to Launceston, and just about everywhere in between. This has allowed her to experience a wide range of different people, inspiring locations, and to see landscapes and views that still influence her today. Passionate about the creative world whilst always being captivated by the magical world artists can create with limited supplies and a passion. Mikayla's favourite part of creating this artwork was not the finished product, but the process, and the delivery from imagination to every facet of its creation.