Erin McKenna Whitsunday Anglican School (Beaconsfield)
Chaos Painting
Portrait Triptych in pen and watercolour


'Chaos' explores how societal expectations and negative environments allows toxic and unhealthy traits to fester inside of people. This was depicted through the creation of three watercolour paintings on paper showing three different emotions that viewers can connect to. The three emotions portrayed are sadness and melancholy, anxiety and stress, and anger and jealously. A mixture of colours was used to create depth in the emotions displayed in the portraits. The black ink was drawn in chaotic, messy and destructive shapes in order to show the effects of stress and negative emotions on teenage mental well-being.


The three portraits were created through the exploration of myself by travelling to open and stress-free environments. Once I had discovered the negative emotions plaguing people, such as myself, due to suffocating pressures, I had researched artists who also depict emotions throughout their own work. One artist that had inspired me to create these portraits was Del Kathryn Barton. Through multiple experimentations with colours, shapes, and expressions, I had successfully created chaos.


Erin McKenna

Mackay based artist Erin McKenna, works in multiple mediums, such as sculpture, acrylic, oil and watercolour painting, and drawing. These enable her to communicate personal emotions, experiences and knowledge to viewers through her works. McKenna explores contexts, such as stress, mental health, beauty standards, plastic pollution, and societal expectations. These key concepts help drive her work and her interest in visual arts. After school, she plans on pursuing a career in the Arts to gain a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Visual Arts) to further strengthen her artistic skills.