Cooper Clark Rockhampton State High School
Projection of Faith Installation
Series of 3 Projected Artworks with Assemblage base, bones, projector slides, old projector, table, and glass.


With the ever-increasing temperature of Earth’s atmosphere, nature is sending us signals of human greed, loss of morality, and pollutions’ effect on our changing climate. ‘Projection of Faith' explores utilising familiar imagery for parody and irony to draw attention to the contemporary issue of pollution. Affirming the beauty and mystery of everyday objects I seek to provide visual poetry for the audience. Found objects and imagery with forms of historical or cultural significance at once respected and sacred, distorted and fetishized. The projections form a hybridisation of traditional materials and contemporary meaning through the manipulation of assemblage and digital media. This melding of the familiar and sublime expresses the idea that whilst our past and present issues are inherently juxtaposing; ironically, inseparably intertwined. The exhibition, echoing a sense of ethical responsibility, places animal bones into domestic interiors. Change the projection discs; how does your view on human pollutants change?


Began with manipulating historical artworks using photoshop and my own photographs. I then utilised the natural form of the bones and manipulated them to find meaning in the discarded. I experimented with stained glass details, following the natural anatomy of the bones, which further manipulates and distorts the light. Then positioned the artworks on an analogue overhead projector.


Cooper Clark