All companies nominated for Victorian Manufacturing Hall of Fame recognition must have a manufacturing plant located in Victoria and/or demonstrate specialist services directly connected to Victoria's manufacturing industry.

Companies who have been recognised by a previous award in the past three years are ineligible to apply for the same award.

For the Company Induction award, the winner will be selected from the general pool of nominations

Winners for:
  • Leader in Workforce Skills Development
  • Leader in Industry 4.0
  • Leader in Innovative Product Development and Commercialisation
  • Leader in Global Supply Chain Partnerships

For individual awards, the individual must have demonstrated experience, achievement and commitment within Victoria in a manufacturing plant or a specialist manufacturing service provider based in Victoria.

For the Young Manufacturer of the Year Award, the individual must be 35 years or younger on the date of the awards ceremony.

See Conditions of Entry for further details.

Nominations for the 2020 awards will be assessed to verify:
  • the application meets the conditions of entry for the relevant category
  • for company awards, that the company has a strong financial record, has not been convicted of a breach of WorkCover, the Trade Practices Act, Environmental Protection Act, Equal Opportunity Act, Local Jobs First Act 2003 or other State or Federal laws within the previous 12 months or, if convicted, have not had imposed on them a penalty of more than $10,000 for any such breach.
  • for individual awards, that the individual has not been convicted of breach of WorkCover, the Trade Practices Act, Environmental Protection Act, Equal Opportunity Act or other State or Federal laws within the previous 12 months or, if convicted, have not had imposed on them a penalty of more than $10,000 for any such breach. This may include conducting a police check of the individual.

The due diligence process is considered proportional to the size and scale of the awards. Due diligence checks will be undertaken concurrently with the evaluation process by the awards team.

The due diligence process will be undertaken by the Program Centre, and Peter Hawken and Don Fitzgerald.

All panel members and judges will be asked to evaluate nominations on the basis of relative merit in manufacturing practices, taking into account the criteria for each award category.

A weighted scoring model will be used to inform the selection of finalists and winners. This method provides a systematic process for evaluating nominations against a range of criteria, where some criteria are considered to have a higher value than others. A description of the judging criteria is at Attachment 2.

An online judging database will be used to evaluate the nominations. An induction meeting for the shortlisting panel members will be held to advise on the use of the database and the assessment criteria.

Evaluation of the applications will be undertaken in a two-stage process.

Stage 1 – Shortlisting Panel – DJPR Staff

A panel of DJPR staff will undertake the shortlisting process. Each panel member will be randomly assigned nominations to consider for shortlisting, with each nomination considered by two or three judges (same panel for each category where possible).

Depending on the number of applications received, this is likely to require between 12 and 20 staff.

The 2020 judges will be drawn from the following pool of staff (final list TBD):

Industry Development and Participation
  1. Ben Rowbottom, Food and Fibre
  2. Caitlyn Pringle, Industry Participation
  3. Don Fitzgerald, Industry Participation - confirmed
  4. James Carr, Industry Participation - confirmed
  5. Jayne Oliver, Industry Participation
  6. John Kallinikios, Industry Participation - confirmed
  7. Kirti Durand, Industry Development and Participation
  8. Kim Grant, Advanced Manufacturing - confirmed
  9. Linda Vaughan, Industry Partnerships - confirmed
  10. Lucy Ridley, Food and Fibre
  11. Mary-Ann Holgate, Advanced Manufacturing - confirmed
  12. Nicki Marks, Food and Fibre - confirmed
  13. Peter Hawken, Advanced Manufacturing - confirmed
  14. Richard Exley, Industry Participation
  15. Rubin Ng, Industry Participation
  16. Sean Brown, Industry Participation
  17. Thomas Johnson, Industry Participation
  18. Will Dalton, Food and Fibre
DJPR – Other areas
  1. Damien Millen, Innovation, Digital and Bio Economy
  2. Darryl Rogen, Innovation, Digital and Bio Economy
  3. Helen Arthur, Innovation, Digital and Bio Economy
  4. Liana Chakravorty, Precincts
  5. Matthew Wood, Global Victoria
  6. Phil Davies, Innovation, Digital and Bio Economy - confirmed
  7. Sean Rooney, Global Victoria - confirmed
  8. Tim Kovess, Telecommunications
A briefing meeting is proposed to be held w/c 10 February 2012.

Stage 2 – Recommended Finalists and Winners Panel – DJPR Executives

Results from Stage 1 will be collated for consideration by an Executive Panel, with nominations ranked by their average score from the initial assessment.

The Executive Panel will use the report from Stage 1 to recommend winners and finalists for each category. The Executive Panel is proposed to include 3-5 executives from across DJPR (members of panel to be confirmed by Executive Director).

Options include:
  1. Nanette Fitzgerald, Executive Director - Industry Participation & Advanced Manufacturing
  2. Daniel Cahill, A/Director, Advanced Manufacturing
  3. Rebecca Skinner, A/Director, Industry Participation
  4. Andrew Tulloch, Executive Director/Andrew Wear, Director Innovation - Innovation, Digital and Bio Economy
  5. Paul Stagg, Executive Director, Trade/John Butler, Executive Director, Global Partnerships & Projects/George di Scala, Trade Development - Global Victoria
  6. Rob Byrne, Executive Director – Regional Investment and Trade, RDV

*Note: Bold indicates staff member was part of Executive Panel in 2019.

A meeting of the panel will be convened to recommend finalists and winners – projected to be held on 25 March 2019.

The Minister will be asked to endorse the recommendation of the department regarding proposed finalists and winners for each category.

The winners will be announced at the 2020 Manufacturing Hall of Fame Awards Gala Dinner on 27 May 2020.

Material contained in the nominations for Manufacturing Hall of Fame awards is considered commercial in confidence

It is important to ensure there is no real or perceived conflict of interest in the judging process. Should any judge become aware of a conflict of interest in evaluation of any of the nominees allocated to them, this should be notified immediately to Daniel Cahill on 9651 7652 or Kim Grant on 9651 8195.

If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process or the online evaluation database, please contact Daniel Cahill on 9651 7652 or Kim Grant on 9651 8195.