Judging Criteria

Future2 seeks to support projects and programs that give a second chance and hope for a better future to young Australians who are socially, financially or physically disadvantaged.  Each application is assessed on its individual merits, with priority given to programs that:

  • focus on young people aged between 12 and 25 years who may be
    • living in poverty
    • homeless
    • at risk of juvenile justice or transitioning out of it
    • intellectually or physically disabled
    • socially isolated
    • living in dysfunctional family situations
    • fighting substance abuse
  • address specific problem areas in ways that enable disadvantaged young Australians to move towards productive and fulfilling lives (see Eligibility)
  • are designed to impact directly those most in need
  • try to identify and deal with the cause of a problem, not simply treat the after-effects
  • will continue to have an impact and remain sustainable well beyond the period of our support and, if appropriate, have the capacity to become self-sustaining
  • could be extended or replicated so that they benefit an increasing number of young people
  • are measured and evaluated to show the progress of the program, its outcomes and impacts
  • involve or have the potential to involve financial planning professionals in volunteering, fundraising, pro bono advice, committees, etc.
  • may show evidence of collaboration with other agencies and organisations to implement or extend the reach of the project, or to share improved knowledge
  • are well-managed and prudently budgeted.