Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I see if I am eligible to apply?
A: Please refer to the Terms & Conditions section.

Q: Once the forms are completed by the Charity/NFP and the FPA member, are we both notified that the application has been submitted?
A: Yes, both parties will be sent a confirmation email detailing the date and time the application has been submitted.

Q: What is required of the FPA member?
A: The FPA member will need to complete their section of the application form which asks for their FPA member details and asks them to advise what contact they have had with the applicant and why they believe the application deserves the support of Future2.

Q: I do not know an FPA member, how can I find one in my local area?
A: You can find an FPA member on the FPA website's Find A Planner, visit and enter your suburb/postcode or call 02 9220 4523 or email and ask to be put in touch with your local FPA Chapter.

Q: How will we know if the application has been successful?
A: Recipients, unsuccessful applicants and nominees will all be contacted by the Future2 Foundation in October 2020. Grant recipients will also be updated on the Future2 website (

Q: If the application is successful what will happen next?
A: Both the Charity/NFP and the FPA member will be notified by the Future2 Foundation in October 2020. The grant payment will be made from Future2 to the recipient following a presentation at an FPA event where the work of the winning charity has the opportunity to be profiled before the local FPA community - the members who generously donate to Future2.

Q: If I am a recipient what is required of me?
A: You will be invited to attend FPA / Future2 member events to act as a representative for Future2. You will need to provide an Acquittal Report 12 months after grant payment to show the success and expenditure of the grant. Future2 will provide you with a report template to complete.

Q: If we have applied before but have been unsuccessful, can we apply again?
A: Yes. We would invite you to apply again as long as you meet the eligibility criteria and are endorsed by an FPA member.