Abstracts for the conference are closing this Friday 16th October 2020.

Please read these guidelines prior to preparing your abstract submission for the CHF Summit 2021: Shifting Gears. These guidelines have been written to stimulate your thinking about the shape and content of your potential presentation. Please note the deadline for submitting abstracts is Friday 16 October 2020.


This Summit will provide opportunity to hear of new developments and innovative approaches to consumer-centred care in Australia and New Zealand. It will offer organisations and consumers who want to be at the forefront of system change an opportunity to come together to explore, discuss and grow the concept and practice of consumer-centred care.

The Audience

This Summit will bring together consumer leaders and advocates, health consumer organisations, clinical leaders, Primary Health Networks, local hospital networks, service managers and providers, policymakers, researchers and industry stakeholders interested in driving system change that is people-centred.

We will discuss the contemporary issues in health reform from a consumer perspective and the constructive role consumer insights can play across a broad spectrum of topics such as policy, research priority setting and translation, ethical practice and service innovation and improvement.

Platform of Delivery

Australasia’s inaugural consumer health summit is going virtual, putting this high impact event in reach of a wider audience within Australia, New Zealand and worldwide. From panel discussions with live Q & A, to international keynote speakers, attendees will be able to engage and network simultaneously anywhere in the world. Information on delivery of presentation will be provided upon abstract acceptance, please email isabella@alignmentevents.com.au should you have any questions in the meantime.


A chair will be appointed for each session. The biography (provided with the abstract submission) will be used by the Chair to introduce the author/s prior to their session commencing.

Session times

All session times will have a strict time limit. It is important that each presenter presents only as much material as can reasonably fit into the time period allotted.

  • Oral Presentation - An oral presentation will include a 10-minute oral presentation, with an extra 5 minutes for questions. As a guide, it is anticipated that no more than 10 slides would be used for a presentation of this duration.
  • Workshops - Workshops will be 90-minutes (inclusive of discussion time) and will have a limited capacity for registered delegates to join. The workshop plan (submitted as part of the original abstract) should be used as a guide to conduct the workshop. Workshops must be an interactive forum as best possible on a virtual platform with maximum attendee engagement.
  • Poster Presentation - Poster presentations will be on display throughout the duration of the conference and with its own dedicated time within the program.

When onsite: All presenters will be asked to arrive at their allocated room during the catering break prior to their session stream commencing, providing the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the Audio-Visual equipment and to introduce themselves to the Chair of the session.

Guidelines for Abstract Submission

When producing your abstract, please take into consideration the following:

Relevance to the summit:

  • How well does your abstract address and support the purpose of the Summit
  • How well does your oral or workshop abstract align with your selected stream/keywords?

Approach and methodology

  • Clarity of purpose/objectives of the improvement/study is clear
  • Appropriate methodology and data analysis have been discussed or case study described, including any relevant literature and tools/methods used
  • Discussion/implications/applications are pitched to the target audience

Workshop Abstract Submissions

  • What interactive activity will be included in the Workshop presentation?
  • Are you able to include up to 100 people in this activity?

Outcomes/lessons learned/conclusion/take home message

  • Outcomes and lessons learned are clear and concise, and contribute to shared learning for the target audience.
  • Applicability: idea/research/improvement can be translated/implemented

Presentation Submission (if successful)

The deadline for all presentation slides (oral and workshop presentations) are to be emailed to isabella@alignmentevents.com.au no later than: 5pm Friday 12th March 2021.

The new schedule for abstracts are:

Abstract submissions close Friday 16 October
Early bird registrations close Monday 21 December

MS PowerPoint presentations will be uploaded before each session by the Summit organisers.

Key Contacts

If you have any further questions, or require any form of additional support, please feel free to contact:

Isabella Mee
Congress & Events Manager
Alignment Event Solutions
02 4267 2225 or 0420 636 757