Emily McDonald Pimlico State High School
They Will Always Remain, But as Memories Installation
Installation of two acrylic paintings on canvas, arranged with seven selected family photographs


How can a person overcome struggles with identity? For me, art was utilised to overcome moments that challenged my sense of self. By focusing on the process, my two paintings became a documentation of the time I spent thinking about and reflecting on two specific events in my life that caused me to question both my relationship with a loved one and my identity (what makes me, me). The completion of the works let me acknowledge these painful memories as part of my identity, but leave then them in the past or in the background, as you would a photograph.


My artwork, 'They Will Always Remain, But as Memories' was something I created with the intention of using art to overcome moments in time that challenged my sense of self. Looking through photographs I had taken, I chose two images in particular as references for my paintings for the strong memories (positive and negative) I had come to associate with them. I then strived to turn these images into paintings conveying a sense of captured moments in time now gone by, surrounding them with old photos with personal significance to imitate the wall of a family living room.


Emily McDonald

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