Charlotte McDonnell Pimlico State High School
Through the Stranger's Glasses Drawing
Three framed drawings of graphite and watercolour on paper, overlaid with fractured glass and sealed with clear contact


Adolescents are particularly prone to constant judgement. This lack of self-awareness can intensify dramatically, triggering personal perceptions to develop distortedly. My drawings explore this ideology, comparing personal perceptions to peers’ and the influence on mental well being. The framework of these pieces interpret the emotions of three friends. Each subject has a large expression showcasing their perceived personality, accompanied by a smaller, suppressed face displaying their true mental state. The shattered glass over the “real” representation is an allegory for their most comfortable persona being fractured and skewed by overpowering judgements. How do others perceive you?


Photoshop was utilised to generate the double exposure compositions once the photographs were taken. From there, a grid technique was exercised to accurately transfer each design onto A3 water coloured papers. Subsequently, by carefully building detail and depth to the outlines using graphite pencil, a realistic style and textures were formed. Once this was completed for all three pieces, they were secured into black frames with glass, and a mallet and screwdriver were employed to create the cracks and distortions. A layer of clear contact was then applied over each frame's glass, to secure the shards in place.


Charlotte McDonnell

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