Georgia MacDonald St Margaret Mary's College (Hyde Park)
Bleached Print
Prints on paper


Bleached illustrates the health decline of Magnetic Island's Middle Reef coral through a screen printed installation. My inspiration for this piece was an immersive experience to Magnetic Island where the Island's natural beauty was marred by the stifling summer heat and reef's obvious colour decline. A trial of materials, design and layout has visually communicated coral bleaching to the audience in a simplistic format. Bleached replicates the current state of Middle Reef and emphasises our society's respondsibility to action reef rehabilitation before it is too late. Ask yourslef, how real is coral bleaching?


Bleached is an installation including four stylised, screen printed images of Townsville's Middle Reef coral onto prepared paper. The paper medium has been treated with generic bleach, sunned, sprikled with coffee gounds and dyed with various inks. When installed, the prints were placed four across and five down. By doing this the audience's eye could travel across the work from top to bottom and see the gradual bleaching process of the reef.


Georgia MacDonald

Georgia MacDonald is a Year 12 Visual Art student from Townsville.