Jessica Samuel Narangba Valley State High School
Regeneration of a Community Smoke on canvas Panel
Regeneration of a community focuses on three aspects; people, places and objects as we regrow and recover.


My BOW investigates the regeneration of a community after a bushfire, with each artwork focusing on a different aspect. The Volunteer, representing the recovery of volunteer firefighters, focuses on the people. Objects were explored in Stock Take, wherein the regeneration of products in a grocery store were shown. Hearth explored the most personal aspect of a community, a home. Smoke was the chosen media due to its fluid and recognisable forms and the instant visual connection to audience. Inspired by key artists Steven Spazuk and Diane Victor, innovative techniques created a variety of effects to capture the essence of events.


Soot was used in this BOW because of its connection to fire and the forms and patterns it creates which other media such as charcoal did not have. Flames and soot were layered on the canvas board, selected for its ability to not burn or singe, and its capability of supporting the layers of fumage. A thick candle wick was used to cover the panel in soot. The clear, even linear details of each image were drawn using an etching needle and dry texta. The works were created outside utilizing natural elements of wind to shape the flames authentic effect.


Jessica Samuel

Jessica is a senior student at Narangba Valley State High School