Isabelle Heaton Suncoast Christian College (Woombye)
A Glimpse Between Painting
Acrylic, charcoal, paint pens, pastels and gouache on canvas with wire, thread, paper, dirt and found plants.


Death is seen as the final end and life the infallible present, but what if it were more complex? Life and death, flow and ebb, mingling in a captivating complexity imparting our lives with rich desperation for further existence. This complex coexistence between life and death through various symbols of intense, life-enriched moments anchored by the echoes of death’s presence. Screams, skulls and grins are captured in a textured landscape. Neither are linear, existing in a complicated blur, inspired by Quilty’s chaotic paintings. I attempted to show death is present throughout our lives. After all, what is life without death?


After spending time at Point Cartwright lookout, I encountered an engraved lock as a shrine to someone who had passed away, entwined with plants. I then noticed countless examples of the phenomena of life and death coexisting. I found artists exploring this metaphor, where death is the absence of life and vice versa. Gaining knowledge from artists Ben Quilty and Christofides to guide my exploration of concepts, I found John Wolsely who buried his canvases before painting landscapes. I buried my canvas in to represent the preparation of a body for burial but also to symbolize where all life begins.


Isabelle Heaton

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