Lateisha Hurst Noosa District State High School
Facing Reality Installation
An installation of a series of digital monoprints with a layer of gold thread connecting them


Although memories are personal to all of us, they are also part of our biological function. The strength of synapses (neuron connections in the brain) and how often they are retrieved determine how and what we remember. Within a contemporary context, this scientific knowledge has been applied to all aspects of the composition through repetition (used to mimic how memories are reactivated), mark making and placement (of string to show pathways and connections). The formation of the figure’s face (through dots and lines) represents the connections of neurons and suggests their importance to making and maintaining memories.


This artwork was created after two other resolved works and sprung from those other artworks. It is an alternative response to my original idea around memory and how memory works. My earlier works were completed using photos, whereas this one is a hand drawn portrait that I then manipulated using digital technology. Each image is unique. The thread was thought of later as a symbol for connection.


Lateisha Hurst

Lateisha Hurst is a senior student at Noosa District State High School.