Millie Davidson Noosa District State High School
Tidda Sculpture
Acrylic paint on five layered acrylic sheets (Perspex) supported by acrylic feet (Perspex) with LED lighting


The connection between the Mimburi land and the Gubbi-Gubbi/Kabbi-Kabbi peoples is a symbiotic relationship existing between human soul and the earth itself. Once a place of ancient ritual and ceremonious celebration, the land has all but diminished to mere grass-cloaked red earth. But beneath the layers of European influence, and erosive cattle herding, the remnants of such a relationship linger. This notion is explored in my sculpture, inspired by a photograph taken at the time of European settlement in the Noosa Shire. ‘Tidda’ translates to ‘Woman’ (sister, mother) and communicates the humanity of indigenous lives driven from Mimburi.


Two influential artists that aided in establishing the culturally symbolic direction of my artwork were Jaqueline Scotcher and Tajuddin Ismail; their ideology of connection to land became a pivotal characteristic throughout my experimentation. The monotype technique of Tadjuddin Ismail gave birth to the multi-layered painterly method of “Tidda”, a resolved version of a prototype, to build upon the image in layers to visually express the rich spiritual connection past indigenous peoples had in relation to the Mimburi landscape. Thicker acrylic sheets were used for my final resolved work because it reduced malleability and reflectiveness of the surfaces.


Millie Davidson

Millie Davidson is a Senior student at Noosa District High School.