Kaz Mudd Townsville Grammar School (North Ward)
Blue Film/electronic imaging
'Blue' is a digital drawing created using the application Procreate.


'Blue' is part of a triptych (Red, Green, Blue) exploring gender roles and identity. It is an idealised version of myself in that it is more masculine than feminine. It also represents my identity in regard to a past trauma, self-loathing and various mental health issues. 'Blue' depicts me sinking downward into blue, watery depths. The eyes are black, empty, and designed to be blank like that of a ghost. The hands' grip is gentle and lax, the last moment of calm consciousness.


'Blue' is a digital portrait created in the application Procreate. The process began with a simple sketch to get placement and expression. This was further developed with more detailed line-art and painted using a variety of different tools including brushes designed to simulate ‘gouache’ and ‘oil’ paint. Brushes used to simulate paint splatters were also used to decorate the background, which represents a flurry of bubbles underwater.


Kaz Mudd

I go by the name, Kaz, and I'm a 17 year old student living in Townsville. I started learning to draw at around 11 and progressed to digital media soon after. My primary interest is in portraiture, often including surreal inhuman twists. Art is one of my methods of expressing debilitating mental issues, including depression, anxiety and disassociation.