Lauren Fisher Townsville Grammar School (North Ward)
Global Reckoning Photograph
Digital photograph of body art


The world is getting warmer and it is because of us. Ice is melting, the weather is wreaking havoc, species are being disrupted. Rising temperatures, extreme weather events and shifting wildlife populations and habitats are all consequences of spreading human populations. I use my body as a canvas and a metonym to express that humans impact our environment. Individuals can make a change and it has to happen soon or our planet and its inhabitants will be no longer.


Body painting is done over several hours on myself using a mirror, brush and body paints, followed by a photograph when complete. I do many of these artworks and on average it will take me 3 hours.


Lauren Fisher

When I was younger, I was a part of a fire twirling group called fireflyz. During our performances we always had amazing costumes and our face painted and this was what first inspired me to go off and do my own body art. I instantly had a love for it and my passion only grew with every artwork I made. After two years of painting myself alone in my room I decided to showcase my artworks on a small Instagram page @canvas_sfx. I've always had a passion for the environment and its always inspired me in my work.