Corinne Johnson Meridan State College
Portraits Of Light Digital drawing
A series of 4 digital drawings.


The focus of my series of artworks is exploring my personal context and how light can enhance this. I researched artist Yves Klein and how he uses colour to express an emotion to the audience. How does colour affect your emotions? With this new knowledge I applied it to my digital series. Dan Flavin is another artist who inspired me. With this light fixtures the audience can feel submerged in the voids of light. I did this with my projection of colour. Finally I have a time-lapse recording of my drawing process to add another layer of audience engagement.


Digital drawings which were referenced from photographs.


Corinne Johnson

Art has always been a big part of my life as a creative outlet in life. This has stemmed from my interest in films and characters. I love drawing digitally and exploring the way media has evolved. I hope one day that I can progress in the film industry using my love of art.