Amelia Tilly Meridan State College
Ethereal Installation
Photography, video & wearable art


My works considers a personal context based on the knowledge of my aquatic past, recognising the inner peace I experience while drifting under water. Elements of spiritual transcendence and mysticism were studied during this process. This series asks the question what emotions do you experience while being submerged by water? It is influenced by artist Bill Viola by including participation in an exercise that shares my experience of ascension underwater. It encourages you to engage within a personal experience, challenge assumptions and discover a new way of thinking; being surrounded by water would usually cause stress and anxiety. However, this situation is a peaceful experience.


Photographs were taken underwater when the student was wearing the dress she made. During this process a film was also created.


Amelia Tilly

Throughout my life, I've used creativity as an outlet for my thoughts and emotions. I've thoroughly enjoyed studying Visual Arts within my senior years, as it often provided an effective release and contrast to my academic studies. During my artistic journey I have discovered significant elements of myself and who I am as a person; To this day I am still learning more about myself. In the future I am looking forward to exploring these unknown aspects of myself through an artistic lens.