Luke Beraldo The Cathedral School of St Anne and St James (Mundingburra)
Muscle Painting
"Combine" painting using acrylic paint, found object,plywood.


The work is a manifestation of the conclusion I arrived at from my exploration of self-awareness and where I belong in society. Muscle portrays this message through its incorporation of many originally opposing works to a now synthesized ‘muscle’ that can only function effectively by working together. The blue timber frame encapsulates the work and prevents chaos from erupting from the clash between unique elements found within each frame. Strong lines of greens, blues and yellows from the top right to the bottom left of the work as well as the flow of the triangles creates as sense of movement and ‘work’ in the piece


The combined work was developed from the addition of many old and forgotten pieces produced by my classmates. The pieces were arranged and held in place by gluing pieces of timber over the top of them. Triangles were then cut out of the plywood base and the board was spray painted. I then painted the timber poles and used various painting techniques to create patterns on the canvas’ before the frames of the pieces were screwed onto the plywood.


Luke Beraldo

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