Jude Micic The Cathedral School of St Anne and St James (Mundingburra)
Fulgar Substantia, Corpus Pentram Painting
It's a cement sculpture, that gets lit on fire during events


This marvelous 8 foot (2m while slouched) flaming cement statue was inspired off long exposure shots specifically a list of images I took during my IA1, representing motion in stillness. Being drawn to the ferocity and magic within the image, inspired me to bring them to life with the next logical step, adding a third dimension. With that said these intense photos and physical sculpture, combine statues and flame creating a symbol of life, exhaling an eruption of chaotic, creative, free, flowing, potential energy. This flaming god was lit from the bottom up to show that energy bursting up.


The sculpture began as a model. The model was scaled up and rebuilt with metal limbs which I cut and welded together, the sculpture was packed with foam slices and expanding foam. That was covered in plaster cement and shaved to approximate shape this was repeated until desired shape came about. The sculpture was then covered in black pigmented cement to change the colour. Events were set up to add bystanders to the flaming stage. The frontal beans where strapped with hessian and Isoparaffinic before being struck with flames.


Jude Micic

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