Gordon Appelcryn The Cathedral School of St Anne and St James (Mundingburra)
Building Blocks of Life Painting
Acrylic paint on canvas


My series of abstract acrylic pours are my attempt to conceptualize the building blocks of life at a cellular level, and express my viewpoint of the world that everything we see in life can be considered as a connected formation of large and minute cellular structures. Piet Mondrian who is regarded as a pioneer of the 20th Century Abstract Art, considered art as method of expressing and reflecting the very essence of mystical energy and the balance of forces that make up the whole world around us.


Acrylic pouring is a fluid painting technique that uses a mixture of different colours. It does not rely on the traditional method of applying the paint with a brush, but rather pouring of the paint directly onto the canvas and allowing it to mix and flow. To allow the paint to flow more freely, Floetrol was added to each of the different colour paint mixtures. After the paint was poured onto the canvas, I would lift and rotate the canvas in all directions, allowing for the paint to flow from one side to the other, thereby spreading, mixing and stretching


Gordon Appelcryn

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