Jasmine Keys Caloundra Christian College (Caloundra)
Too Soon Film/electronic imaging
This short film explores the narrative of old age, dementia, and PTSD through a Dr Seuss quote.


‘Too Soon’ explores the transition from ‘life to death’. It is a metaphorical representation of the personal challenges faced at the end of life, such as dementia and Alzheimer’s. The film was inspired by the Dr Seuss’ quote, ‘How did it get so late so soon?’ I composed original music and used my brother and grandfather to warn the viewer of the passing of time. We should appreciate each moment in our life in case it is forgotten. If you could not access your memories, would you know if you have lived your life to the fullness of its possibilities?


The Dr Seuss’s quote, ‘How did it get so late so soon’, inspired this 2-minute film. I chose to use my grandfather and brother to symbolise the transition from child to adult. I emphasised the passing of time and the confusion of dementia and PTSD through editing techniques, such as vibrant saturation and image distortion. I used an ‘interview’ perspective for a stronger audience connection and gathered photographs from our family album. The spray-painted words connected with string suggest being consumed by the mental battle. The background music was composed and played by me for this film.


Jasmine Keys

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