Callan Whittington Kirwan State High School
The Great Green Guy Mixed Media
One A2 paper artwork (framed) and a ceramic sculpture.


To generate ideas for my artwork, I visited a few locations around Townsville and reviewed my previous conventions. My intentions for this artwork is to convey how us as humans are represented in the environment. Jackson Pollock has inspired my artwork in that the background is similar to his artworks with a similar method. My display showcases my artwork The Great Green Guy above The Great Grey Guy, which is my ceramic, that has a dying plant in it.


My stimulus around Townsville regions has inspired a deeper meaning in my artworks. For my focus I am going to explore the concept of breaking nature and the destruction of ecosystems for my final making on this topic. For my medium I hope to use watercolour, sculpture or a print. The message I want to communicate to my audience is to avoid using and consuming products irresponsibly and to do research on the products they do consume.


Callan Whittington

Callan Whittington has studied Visual Art for 5 years and has experimented with a range of art mediums such as acrylic, oil and watercolour paint, charcoal, pastel, sculpture and collage. Callan's aesthetic has developed in his senior years into something that is highly expressive and somewhat reminiscent of the well-known artist, Jackson Pollock. Callan very much allows his media to 'move freely', prior to manipulating it in the way he desires.