Aliya James Kirwan State High School
Life of Earth Mixed Media
Series of three multimedia artworks (oil on canvas, acrylic on acetate, video)


My series of three works is inspired by the current state of the environment and how civilisation has impacted the Earth, its ecosystems and resources almost beyond repair. I challenged myself to produce a series that involved different mediums, to navigate how the presentation of the pieces could collectively contribute to the urbanisation vs. vegetation topic. We live in an age where climate change and environmental destruction are becoming increasingly apparent, yet little action is being taken to address this. In these works, I found myself truly engulfed in the beauty of the Earth around me.


The multiple locations throughout Townsville on the Jezzine Barracks excursion triggered a strong and personal reaction to how human development has impacted the environment. My initial investigation focused primarily on how I could communicate the statistics of this mistreatment to audiences, but through the research of artworks from artists such as Ana Mendieta and Michael Yang, I altered my investigation to focus on the portrayal of my emotional connection with my surroundings, through an abstracted and surreal way that allows the audience to interpret the artwork freely.


Aliya James

Aliya James has studied Visual Art for 5 years and has experimented with a wide range of media, such as oil, acrylic and watercolour paint, sculpture, charcoal, pastel and digital manipulation. Aliya prides herself on digging deep within concepts to get to the crux of what it is that she is communicating in her works. It is due to this mindset and way of working that Aliya's works often contain multiple layers of meaning, communicated through a highly personalised aesthetic.